Manufacturing and construction

Holding company Mono pays great attention to manufacturing and construction, which is the undisputed engine of the economy. Holding Mono includes such local producers as:

Ogres Trikotāža, Aurora Baltika, Dinaburgtex and Kauno textile - the largest manufacturers of high quality knitwear in the Baltic region. Production facility of Kauno textile is located in Kaunas (Lithuania).

Road construction company A.C.B – a recent investment of Mono – has extensive experience in construction segment of the market and is the first private company in this complex area of the economy.

Akva Agro is one of the new and promising projects of the holding, under which the cultivation and fish farming is carried out, with the help of the innovative technologies.

Ogres Trikotāža

Limited Liability Company Ogres Trikotāža is a historical successor of the best traditions of the legendary knitwear factory known far beyond the borders of the Baltic States, the famous company OGRE. Today Ogres Trikotāža fulfills orders for the world famous fashion houses. Excellent quality and modern design made the company popular not only among consumers in the Latvian market, but also far beyond its borders - Russia, Great Britain, Italy, France, etc.

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Limited Liability Company Dinaburgtex is the largest producer of high quality knitwear in Daugavpils (Latvia). The company is working on a full production cycle from production of textile to packaging the finished product for delivery to buyers. Since 2000 Dinaburgtex manufactures products made of wool, cotton, silk and cashmere.

Aurora Baltika

Limited Liability Company Aurora Baltika is a famous hosiery brand in the Baltics. High-quality products under the name of Aurora have its origins in the distant 1947 and since then is demanded and loved by customers. Today, Aurora manufactures and sells 65,000,000 pairs per year, being the market leader and the standard of quality.

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Kauno Tekstilė

Limited Liability Company Kauno textile is a modern textile company located in Kaunas (Lithuania). The activity of the company is focused on the production ready-to-wear items. The factory produces a wide range of garments for children, women and men of all age groups.


Joint Stock Company A.C.B is the largest Latvian private road construction company. During more than twenty years A.C.B. constructs and reconstructs Latvian roads. The company has built thousands of kilometers of European level highways, as well as timely implementation of contracts for hundreds millions Euro. A.C.B is the first national company, which has been subcontracted in a large NATO tender for the construction of the strategic airfield in Lielvarde, Latvia.

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Akva Agro

Limited Liability Company Akva Agro is an innovative company, which activity is based on the latest achievements of science in fish farming. Akva Agro builds "turn-key" automated fish farms built on the principle of the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) for fish cultivation. Akva Agro has a leading position in innovative fish cultivation not only in the Baltics but in Eastern Europe as well.

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